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Wine and nature: a combination found in many pieces of art

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Two hundred years ago, a handful of non-conformist painters left the workshops and academy grounds to venture out into nature. In France, England and, a little later also in Spain and Italy… Everywhere, groups of artists strapped their easels to their shoulders and started to wander through meadows and paths, riverbanks and cliffs to paint in the natural surroundings. It was the emergence of landscape painting, which resulted in wonderful paintings and later evolved into important and popular trends such as Impressionism.

These days, in the wake of the pandemic and the lockdown, we all return to nature, to marvel at the magic of our surroundings and to be caressed by the sun and the breeze, just like the pale-faced painters of the 19th century. Those of us who are passionate about wine will gradually return to strolling through the vineyards, visiting villages with old wine cellars, and enjoying the landscape of vines and wine presses. Also the outdoor gatherings, the picnics accompanied with good bottles, snacks with folding tables, barbecues in barns, terraces and gardens, noisy beach bars, village fiestas, traditional barbecues and all those moments that make us feel alive.

The following images are part of art history and relate to the longing for enjoyment. From the quest for new horizons of the first landscape artists to the representation of deep-rooted customs, through the pioneering talent of Goya, these paintings remind us of the importance of living and celebrating with others. Art sees it clearly: we will always indulge in the pleasure of food and wine outdoors.

FRANCISCO GOYA, El Bebedor (1776-1777)




ÉDOUARD MANET, Déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863)


PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR, Déjeuner des canotiers (1881)


Three wines to feel the rays of sunshine

Pazo Cilleiro Albariño

This wine represents our own way of understanding Rías Baixas: a plethora of aromas and flavours combined with a fresh and lively character. It pairs well with salads and paellas, grilled prawns, steamed mussels and grilled fish.

Ver en Tienda Rioja

Viña Muriel Blanco Reserva

The sophistication of the Viura variety of Rioja, a style that is booming because of its depth, its all-round personality and its great ability to pair with any dish. In addition to fish and rice, we love it with lamb chops barbecued outdoors -why not?

Ver en Tienda Rioja

Muriel Crianza

Our Crianza is both classic and modern, a top wine with a super competitive price. It is always satisfying and makes you look good. We love to take it to picnics, barbecues and informal charcuterie dinners. It is delicious with all sorts of hamburgers.

Ver en Tienda Rioja

Photo by Mihály Köles on Unsplash


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