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Drinking our own great reserve is an exciting experience. It means reliving the distant vintage in that wine began to be born. It is recovering memories and rediscovering sensations. And it is confirming, once again, an extraordinary surprise: the uniqueness of this ageing category which is so identified with the great Rioja wines.

All these impressions have returned to our senses when trying Viña Muriel Gran Reserva 2006. We opened it a few days ago to accompany some roast meats and the effect was almost electrifying.

How enigmatic is the world of wine, capable of giving unexpected pleasure. In the case of Viña Muriel Gran Reserva, that enjoyment is also intellectual: it involves understanding the historical significance of this style and being a participant in its current boom. Gran Reservas are a trend. They benefit from the interest in special wines and also from the search for that balanced acidity that is the key to longevity.

It is not surprising that sommeliers and other advanced segments of the wine market know how to enjoy the great reserves of La Rioja every time. Once again, with our Viña Muriel Gran Reserva we have approached mystery, depth and pleasure.


Photo: Nicolas Postiglioni / Pexels

A nice surprise also in summer

Despite preconceived ideas, a Tempranillo Gran Reserva of this quality can be highly indicated on occasional occasions. We think, for example, of a dinner outdoors, on a terrace or in a garden, based on premium cured meats and aged cheeses.

The acidity of Viña Muriel Gran Reserva offers an interesting versatility and provides a restful freshness.

Viña Muriel Gran Reserva 2006

A classic from Rioja Alavesa, ruby-coloured half-layer tile. Aromatic intensity, with notes of aging (vanilla, roasted, spices), very ripe fruit, caramel and subtle nuances of leather and leaf litter, typical of the long maturation in the bottle.

Largo sabor sedoso, lleno de la armonía inconfundible de los mejores grandes reservas.

It comes from a selection of vineyard plots of the Tempranillo variety. The vines are 50 years old and are mostly gobelet planted, which is the traditional system. Once fermented and macerated, the wine is aged in French and American oak barrels for two years. Then it is bottled and rests in the bottle rack for at least three more years. Right now, in the summer of 2020, this 2006 vintage has been maturing slowly for 11 years and gaining complexity. That is key to its extraordinary mouth.


Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Viña Muriel Gran Reserva is available in the Muriel online store:

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